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History at J & C Auto Sales Inc.

The story of this family business starts like many others. Three brothers have a dream of owning their own business, and through hard work and sacrifice it becomes reality.

Back in 1975, John, Charles, and Fred Schaser started wholesaling automobiles on their parents property.  Shortly after deciding to get into the car business with their father, George Schaser Sr., an unexpected illness prevented him from joining his sons. The dream of owning and operating a car dealership still lived on. After some time, the city of Vineland had issues with the amount of vehicles being sold on the front lawn of the brothers' home. Therefore in 1976, the three brothers opened a small car lot in Norma, NJ. When they became successful selling there, they decided it was time to expand the amount of quality pre-owned automobiles they offered the public.

Charles, John and Fred Schaser ultimately moved into their current address at 1912 West Landis Ave. in Vineland, New Jersey. The Schaser Bros. are extremely passionate about selling the public nothing but the best pre-owned automobiles, and look forward to doing business with you!

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